Travel Insurance

We are offering you the opportunity to purchase travel insurance along with your ticket.  
With this travel insurance, we will help you to reduce the various risks applying to the ticket.  These include, above all, protection against the payment of fees for the cancellation or change of a ticket due to an acute illness or other insurable reasons.  This travel insurance also extends to the compensation of fees in the event of the shortening of your trip, baggage insurance, payment for medical treatment, as well as payment for assistance services, compensation in the event of an accident having lasting consequences and others.

We are offering you this travel insurance in association with the reputable insurer AIG Europe Limited.

Obtaining travel insurance is very easy. You only need to purchase a ticket on our website and with one or two clicks, have insurance for your trip.
The insurance premiums will then be calculated automatically, based on the duration of your stay.

The travel insurance is designed for passengers aged from 2 to 64 years, as well as for children under 2 years of age, who obtain it free of charge. For more information about prices, see the enclosed example here.

Thanks to preferential prices and the availability of insurance from AIG Europe Limited (Chartis Insurance UK Limited), you will get comprehensive coverage saving money and time that would otherwise have been spent on obtaining separate travel insurance. For more detailed information about the travel insurance, the type and extent of coverage, see the Insurance Terms and Conditions here